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Irwin Larrier, Executive Director Jul 22, 2019 12:00 PM
Center for Community Justice
Center for Community Justice

The Center for Community Justice empowers Elkhart County by using Restorative Justice to heal the harm caused by crime, strengthen conflict resolution skills, and engage a stronger community. The Center for Community Justice is rooted in the principles of Restorative Justice, assisting Elkhart County through Restorative Mediation and Facilitation, Restorative Reentry work and Restorative Training.

The basic principles of Restorative Justice are:

  • Wrong doing/misconduct is in reality a violation of people and interpersonal relationships.
  • Violating relationships results in obligations to repair the harm created.
  • These obligations need to be met in order for people to move forward in a healthy way.

Mission Statement
The Center for Community Justice is transforming communities of Elkhart County through Restorative Justice.

Our Vision
Vibrant communities – Safe, just, and engaged.

The Center for Community Justice serves Elkhart County by providing programs, based on the principles of Restorative Justice, which strengthen community safety, provide support and compensation for victims, aid in the restoration of offenders, and promote reconciliation among victims, offenders, and the community.

CCJ offers seven quality programs and one class all rooted in principles of restorative justice.   These include not only victim-offender reconciliation, but mediation in civil, criminal, family, divorce, landlord-tenant, and other matters; community service opportunities for offenders and victim impact panels to make the consequences of drunk driving “real” to offenders.  CCJ served 4,200 people last year and will continue to grow with your support.

Our programs give offenders the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, and give the victims a voice in our criminal justice system.  CCJ originated with Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) in 1977 by an Elkhart County juvenile probation officer who discovered the program operating in Canada.  VORP quickly outgrew the resources of the probation department and joined a regional organization called Prisoners and Community Together (PACT) in 1979, and Elkhart County PACT was born.  Following this, Community Service Restitution Program (CSRP) began.

DOUBLE FEATURE Day! Jul 29, 2019 12:00 PM
Interact Adventure to Nosara, Costa Rica and Rotary Peace Fellows Sarah and Jonathan Nahar
Interact Adventure to Nosara, Costa Rica and Rotary Peace Fellows Sarah and Jonathan Nahar

A special fifth-Monday "double-feature" day featuring BOTH the Interact Club AND Rotary Peace Fellows Sarah and Jonathan Nahar.

Part 1: The Interact Club
The Biblioteca David Kitson is a full-service library and community center with access to over 16,000 books, an internet connected computer center, and a variety of specialty programs located in Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Annually, the Elkhart Rotary Club sponsors Interact Club Members to visit Costa Rica for an annual service project. This was the fifteenth year that Elkhart Rotary Club's Interact Club went to Nosara.

The Mission of the Fundación Biblioteca David Kitson enriches and empowers the people of our community by encouraging the lifelong habit and love of reading; providing welcoming spaces that offer collections and resources that inform, inspire, enrich, empower and entertain; promoting educational and training opportunities as an integral part of the community; creating a link between cultures that builds local and global awareness through cross-cultural understanding and friendship. 

Members of this year's trip included students Carter Rief, Austin Arbaugh, Jon Rehmels, Abraham Hill, Will Nolan, Hadley Malloy, Kortney Buckley, Leah and Keely Duehmig, and Patricia and Genevieve Yeakey. The trip's chaperones were Jenny and Mike Nolan, Kelly Buckley, and Rotarian Ashley Bowen. On July 29, members of the trip will share their adventure with the club.

Part 2: Sarah and Jonathan Nahar - Rotary Peace Fellowship
Jonathan and Sarah Nahar participated in the prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship Professional Development program in Bangkok Thailand. From January to April the couple joined of a cohort of peacebuilders from around the world. Each week a new peace scholar would teach new tools to assist in analyzing specific conflicts they were working on. Jonathan and Sarah will share about their experience in the program. 

Each year, Rotary awards up to 100 fully funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of our peace centers. Through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities, the Rotary Peace Centers program develops the fellows into experienced and effective catalysts for peace. The fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.

In just over a decade, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,200 fellows. Many of them now serve as leaders at international organizations or have started their own foundations.

Join us on July 29 to learn more about this amazing program from Jonathan and Sarah.

Debra Treesh, Executive Director Aug 05, 2019 12:00 PM
Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry
Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry

Executive Director Debra Treesh has been building extensive nonprofit experience since 2005. She previously worked for a national nonprofit and the chapter that she ran became the fastest growing chapter in the United States. Debra and a number of volunteers started Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry in 2011 and she is using her knowledge to grow this organization. She served on the Community Harvest Food Bank Board of Directors as Secretary from 2010 to 2017.

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry is making a positive impact on the quality of life for all Hoosiers by providing nutritious meat to hunger relief agencies within Indiana...
...one pound at a time

  • Over 5.2 million meals served to date. Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry was established with a purpose of reducing hunger issues within Indiana and a mission to improve the quality of life of Hoosiers by providing nutritious meat to hunger relief agencies within Indiana…One Pound at a Time…
  • Partners with 87 participating meat processors statewide, serving 85 Indiana counties.
  • The philanthropic outreach from this program includes all of the volunteers, meat processing shops, hunters and farmers, and community agencies and organizations – that donate their time, skills, and money to help provide this nutritious meat to food banks and hunger relief agencies in their communities.
  • We partner also with Feeding America food banks (who aid us in tracking and distribution), along with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry (FIsH), and many other pantries and hunger ministries.  There are many generous donors/partners, including the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Walmart, United Way, community foundations, REMCs, and many other local and state agencies and organizations that help us serve Indiana.
Bryan Mierau, Executive Director Aug 12, 2019 12:00 PM
Center for Healing and Hope, Goshen IN
Center for Healing and Hope, Goshen IN

What we do
Medical care for people who are uninsured and support for immigrants is what we're all about.

Our clinics provide affordable medical care for people without insurance or people who cannot afford care in other settings. We are an urgent care center that's affordable--an alternative to a visit to the Emergency Room.

In addition, we offer health screenings, refer patients to physicians for ongoing care, find low cost sources for medications and specialty care. All of this is surrounded by the care and support of our volunteer medical staff. Learn more about our clinics and the other health and medical services we offer.

Our goal is to build a sense of hope in our communities, especially to our immigrant neighbors. 

We have invited the Elkhart County HOPE network to become part of the Center for Healing & Hope, so we can more readily provide support to people who have needs. Learn more about the HOPE network and how we will connect people who need support with others who are ready to help.

For our clinic patients, hope can come through the added dimensions of our clinic services--chaplains available to talk about life and faith issues, praying with any patients and advocating for their needs--whether these are medical or for some other issues in their lives.

We continue to seek new ways to address needs. Please join us in helping to bring healing and hope in all its dimensions to the people we live and work with.

The Center for Healing & Hope began in 1999 as an outreach of St. John's Catholic Church in Goshen, Indiana. Led by Father Ricardo Medina, Dr. John Mann, M.D., and parish nurse Terry Wedel, R.N. Here's a brief summary of our history since then:

2002: The center became a nonprofit and moved its clinic to The Window in downtown Goshen to accommodate the large patient volumes.
2003: The center became known as the Center for Healing & Hope.
2004: The need for additional space required another move to the The Lighthouse Church of Goshen.
2005: We expanded services to Elkhart by opening a clinic at Grace Lutheran Church.
2011: We opened a second clinic in Elkhart at Belmont Mennonite Church to provide additional services to the Elkhart community.
2012: Goshen clinic and office staff moved to Plymouth United Church of Christ.
2014: Due in part to the opening of Heart City Health Center's second office, Scenic Health in Elkhart, more of the needs of Elkhart residents were being met. We closed the clinic at Belmont Mennonite Church.
2016: With seven paid staff, we rely on more than 200 volunteers to carry out our mission. The clinic is open four times a week to offer urgent medical care.
2017: The Center for Healing & Hope embraced Elkhart County HOPE (Helping Our People Everywhere) and extended our services beyond medical clinics to also include resources and assistance for immigrants. In December we launched the GRID (Goshen Resident Identification) card.
2018: The Center for Healing & Hope launched its Chronic Care clinics, employing a physician and medical assistants for the first time to provide consistent, ongoing care to people with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Eric Garton, Executive Director Aug 19, 2019 12:00 PM
Wellfield Botanic Gardens: 'What's Growing On' and Taste of the Gardens Preview
Wellfield Botanic Gardens: 'What's Growing On' and Taste of the Gardens Preview

Eric will provide an update on major projects and initiatives at Welfield Botanic Gardens including the progress on the Japanese 'Island Garden' set to open later this fall.

**THIS LUNCH MEETING WILL BE AT WELLFIELD BOTANIC GARDENS** and will also serve as a preview to the upcoming Taste of the Gardens event on Sunday, August 25.

Taste of the Gardens presented by the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau, takes place on Sunday, August 25th from 11 am to 6 pm at the Wellfield Botanic Gardens, located at 1011 N. Main Street in Elkhart, Indiana. 

Taste of the Gardens is a “must attend” event, celebrating the beautiful Wellfield Botanic Gardens, regional arts, live music and great local food. This year’s event features a dozen local restaurants and caterers. For a complete restaurant lineup and menus visit wellfieldgardens.org nearer the event date.

This year’s entertainment includes two stages that include live music and performing arts throughout the day starting promptly at 11 a.m. Musical guests include Hideous Business, Tumbleweed Jumpers, and Troll for Trout.  

The regional juried fine art show features over 50 artists from Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, displaying their original jewelry, ceramic, sculpture, paintings and more.  

Wellfield Botanic Gardens continues to be the star of the show - with a newly opened Children’s Garden, beautiful flower displays, over 18 acres of water and water features, sculpture, and natural beauty that is a must see.  

Event admission is $8.00 when purchased in advance or online at www.wellfieldgardens.org. Tickets at the gate are $10 the day of the event; children ages 12 and under are free. Food and drink tickets are available throughout the venue. There is free parking and shuttles to the gardens available all day, including handicap parking adjacent to the gardens. 

The event is held rain or shine, under the tents at the gardens. More than 5,000 guests are expected to attend this annual Elkhart County favorite.

Taste of the Gardens is the Elkhart Rotary Club’s signature fundraising event to support the ongoing growth and development of Wellfield Botanic Gardens, furthering its mission to celebrate the inseparable relationship between water and life, inspire creativity and lifelong learning, foster stewardship of our natural world, and grow community.

Todd Zeltwanger - Director of Fund Development Aug 26, 2019 12:00 PM
Cultivate Culinary: Addressing the issues of food waste and food insecurity in our region
Cultivate Culinary: Addressing the issues of food waste and food insecurity in our region

Todd Zeltwanger is the Director of Fund Development for Cultivate Culinary and will share how Cultivate is addressing the issues of food waste and food insecurity in our region, including a presentation on a unique weekend backpack program that is feeding elementary school students.

Todd Zeltwanger is the Director of Fund Development for Cultivate Culinary and has been for the past year. Prior to coming to Cultivate, he had served as the Vice President for Development at Ancilla College for 10.5 years. He is a graduate of Purdue University and has worked in a variety of sales and fundraising positions in his career. Todd lives in Bremen with his wife of 31 years, Marty.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, Cultivate is devoted to ending the cycle of hunger in the local communities of northern Indiana by providing a food rescue service. Their mission is to build a local network of food suppliers with the goal of providing wholesome meals so no one in our community goes hungry.

Help Cultivate to provide food to the most vulnerable in our community. Donations and volunteer time are invaluable to changing lives in northern Indiana. Cultivate's partnership with Notre Dame and other local food suppliers provides a great opportunity to feed members of our community who are food-insecure. Their food rescue program fills the gap between potentially wasted food and the people and organizations that need food the most.

For a quick video about Cultivate and what they do, CLICK HERE

Richard Pfeil Sep 16, 2019 12:00 PM