Five Star Life
Jan 27, 2020 12:00 PM
Seth Maust, President and Executive Director
Five Star Life

Inspired to act by the alarming dropout rates, drug use, and gang involvement throughout schools in his community, Seth Maust co-founded Five Star Life, a not-for-profit organization (in Elkhart, Indiana) with a mission to change the face of education by changing the mindsets of students. Five Star Life’s academic, character, mental health, and leadership programming focuses on reaching students from 5th-12th grade through afterschool programs, a proprietary Video Curriculum, and experiential learning opportunities at its 300-acre training facility in Union, Michigan.

Five Star Life was started fifteen years ago with fifty students and a handful of dedicated volunteers. Although the dream started small, it has grown exponentially to reaching more than 10,000 students last year with nearly 600 volunteers.

Seth has over twenty years of experience teaching and training students, educators, and volunteers. Five Star Life’s curriculum is based on the five Core Values of respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, and courage. By injecting these values into students’ lives through intentional mentoring and teaching, their mindsets change. As mindsets change, their grades begin to rise. As their grades continue to rise, their entire future opens up and the possibilities are endless. 

As President and Executive Director, Seth, along with the Five Star Life staff and a host of volunteers, is on a mission to help students throughout the country build the necessary mindsets to live a Five Star life!

Five Star Life is now growing substantially through the development of Five Star Life Video Curriculum. Classrooms across the nation are beginning to implement this program to develop students’ mindsets, academics, character, mental health, and leadership skills.